Hats Off to Round 18: Celebrating 100% Graduation

May might be the official month for graduation, but last April, the Promote My Practice team celebrated-with much pomp and circumstance- the 100 percent graduation rate of the Round 18 Course 100 participants.

All 27 practices in Round 18 successfully claimed profiles on Google+ Local, Yelp, Foursquare, Angie’s List, Vitals and Healthgrades within the given 5-week time period of the course. Across these six profiles, more than 222 profiles were claimed and updated to reflect each practice’s current information. On average, more than 87 percent of profiles on Google+ Local, Yelp and Foursquare were either unclaimed or did not even exist. Patients can now easily locate these practices on major online review sites.

Participants also claimed and completely updated more than 62 provider listings on Vitals and Healthgrades. And because Vitals allows users to hide up to two negative reviews, physicians with existing negative reviews from these practices were able to have more than 76 percent of all negative reviews hidden from public view and learn HCAPS’ Best Practices for addressing negative reviews in the most appropriate manner.

The Promote My Practice team understands graduating from Course 100 is no easy task—it requires extra time, attention and dedication to learn and complete the claiming process for each online profile.

But according to our Round 18 graduates, it’s time well spent for your practice and physicians.

Practice Manager Heather Hagerty from Palms Internal Medicine in West Florida Division says dedicating a few hours a week toward the PMP course is a “small price to pay for more effective marketing.” Money spent on billboards and banners is ineffective, if patients can’t find your practice online or are going online to leave negative comments and reviews.Blog1

A common misconception about participating in Promote My Practice is participants need to be tech-savvy to succeed in the course. Christine Piro-Tillman, Practice Manager at Whole Family Health at Belmar, shares that social media expertise is not a requirement for completing PMP:Blog2

So don’t just listen to the PMP team, take it from the Promote My Practice graduates—“In the immortal words of NIKE, just do it! You will be very glad you did, especially working with this team,” says Piro-Tillman.Blog3

Congratulations to each of the graduates in Round 18—the Promote My Practice team enjoyed working with you!

National Group Grads American East-West Group Grads

If you are interested in taking the next step toward improving your practice’s online presence, submit an application to join an upcoming round of Promote My Practice Course 100 or email Amanda Short for more information.

View more feedback from our Round 18 grads below:

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