3 Tips to Manage an Online PR Crisis

The click of a mouse is all it takes to send a message across the web, and sometimes that message might have the ability to ruin your reputation. Whether it’s an ill-timed or inappropriate post by an employee or a the work of a hacker, these potential PR Crises warrant a proactive plan.  Below are three important steps your practice can take to address these situations and prevent them from happening in the future.


Don’t spend too much time asking for advice and consultation.  If a problem doesn’t get addressed quickly,it can only get worse and potentially go viral.  According to Social Media Insider, “The best thing you can do when confronted with a social media crisis is to immediately post a message letting followers know you’re looking into the issue and will have an update shortly. Then get your ducks in a row and follow through.”


Don’t place the blame on someone else.  Customers are more impressed when you own up to your own mistakes and work to address the issue. Make a wholehearted apology and begin to move on.


Have an honest discussion with your staff about what went wrong and how you can ensure this situation doesn’t arise again. That could mean changing your passwords to make them stronger, sharing your passwords with fewer people or requiring your staff to use a third party site (like Hootsuite) to minimize the risk of accidentally posting personal information on your practices’ page. Mistakes happen, but it’s important to take all steps necessary to avoid repeating them in the future.

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