Reputation Management Q&A With Jordan Family Health

Lars Kjerengtroen of Stratham Family Health, a recent participant of the PMP: Reputation Management course, shares his experience and advice for generating online reviews and participating in Promote My Practice’s newest course.

First, can you tell us a little about your practice?

It’s a 10-provider family practice with a multi-specialty clinic attached (OB/GYN, Cardiology, ENT, Ortho, and Diabetic Educators). The primary care practice sees about 120-160 patients a day. The demographic is everything from newborns to retirement aged adults.

What was your practice’s online reputation like before the program? Physicians’ reputations?

There was hardly anything online. There were a couple reviews on Vitals and one on Yelp, I believe, but nothing substantial.

Which method of asking for reviews did you find most successful at your practice?

Asking directly/specifically to long standing patients and friends/family of our employees and providers. We obviously didn’t have any employees leave their own reviews, but we have a pretty large and long time staff who have a lot of family members and friends who have been seen here. Also, we set up a desktop computer in the waiting room where we ask if they (patients) would mind leaving us a quick review.

What was the most challenging part of the course and how did you overcome that obstacle?

To have everyone remember to ask for reviews. It is a new process sometimes easy to be forgotten among all the other “to dos.”  We made it a consistent part of each of our weekly “huddles” (our 15 minute brief weekly staff meetings) and part of our monthly staff meetings.

Want to learn more? Contact our Social Media team to get more information on our PMP: Reputation Management course.

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