Reputation Management Q&A with Stratham Family Health

Eric Abodeely, the practice manager at Stratham Family Health and a recent graduate of the Reputation Management course, shares his experience and advice for generating online reviews and participating in Promote My Practice’s newest course.

If another practice manager was debating whether or not to participate in Reputation Management, what would you say?
Do it. Don’t even think twice about it. You only have to give a little bit of your time to build a lot of positive online reputation for your practice. It’s worth it!

What surprised you most about the reviews your practice and physicians received before the course began?
We had a few negative reviews that I felt were not indicative of the service and healthcare that our practice provides. I was also disappointed with the lack of overall reviews. Many of the websites we targeted during the course had zero reviews.

Did you have any concerns at the beginning of the Reputation Management course?
As a practice manager of two different facilities, time is always in short supply. I was worried that the time commitment would be too great. After getting into a rhythm, the workload and time commitment were not an issue and were certainly well worth it, given the amount of positive reviews that we were able to generate.

How did your perspective of the course change after graduating?
I certainly came to realize the value of this course when I saw how many patients were eager to take a little bit of time out of their day to leave us some great reviews. As a person who uses the internet to research anything I’m going to spend my time or money on, I know that these reviews will prove invaluable for generating practice growth.

What part of the course did you enjoy the most?
The best part of the course was taking the positive reviews and showing them to the staff. It’s always nice to hear directly from our patients when they are happy, and it fueled the staff to work even harder to encourage patients to leave reviews.

How did you get patients to leave so many reviews?
We leveraged our patients who clearly had a positive experience and explained how easy it would be for them to leave online reviews. Asking our patients for their buy-in to help us out was easy because we are a small practice with a loyal patient population, and we already had built a good rapport with them.

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