Healthgrades Update: Provider Specialties

Healthgrades is updating its search capabilities, and starting in April, patients can search for providers based on more than 900 specialties as well as conditions treated and procedures performed.

What does this mean for providers?

Providers must update or add the appropriate conditions, specialties and procedures to their profiles before March 31. This will ensure the profile appears in all relevant search results.

If the correct information is not listed, patients will have a difficult time finding the provider’s profile online.

To make the updates:

  1. Log on to your Healthgrades account.
  2. Select your provider’s name.
    Provider Roster
  3. Select Review & confirm that this is correct.
    Conditions and proceedures
  4. Add all applicable specialties, conditions and procedures. Remember to list only specialties you actively practice or you will attract the wrong type of patient.

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