3 Mistakes You Might be Making Online

Social media can be a powerful tool when harnessed correctly, but certain mistakes may be draining your time and energy. Ensure you get the most out of your online communication but avoiding these top mistakes:

1. Social Media Binging

If you’re spending time every day on your practice’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other social media sites, there’s a good chance you’re spreading yourself too thin. Just because a social media platform is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate for every business. This is why we have organized PMP into three distinct courses; trying to tackle everything at once is an easy way to burn out. So take a deep breath, step away from the keyboard and let us help you evaluate which channels are helping your practice and which may be taking away valuable time and energy.

2. Telling, Not Showing

Content may be king, but visuals are the queen. From Instagram to Pinterest to Vine, it’s obvious that more and more consumers are looking for their information to be delivered visually. Who wants to hear about your vacation when they can just view pictures of it? And who wants to read a long medical journal article when it can easily be summarized in an eye-catching Infographic? Learn more about how to create visuals without being an artist here.

3.  Focusing on Quantity, Not Quality

Having 1,000 Facebook likes is a big accomplishment, but what does it really mean? Unless you are actively engaging with these people, the number is meaningless. Instead, focus on how many people are opening your monthly email newsletter or how many people make an appointment based off a special “refer a friend” program you have running on your Facebook page. Don’t waste your time and energy analyzing statistics that don’t carry any weight.

Do you think your practice’s social media strategy needs some re-focusing? Let our HCAPS Social Media Team help you evaluate what changes you can make, so you can make the most of your online presence.  Consider applying for an advanced Promote My Practice course today. You can find our application on Atlas, keyword: PMP application.

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