3 Tips for Creating Shareable Images

You don’t have to be a designer anymore to create eye-catching, shareable images for your Facebook, Twitter or blog. Tools like Canva offer a variety of sizes, colors, images and texts that can help you boost engagement and get your audience sharing! All of the images below were created using this free tool.

1. Give Something to Your Audience

Create an image that solves a problem, gives direction or inspires your audience. People are more likely to share your image if they find value in it; this includes quick tips, fun facts and how-to’s.

Promote My Practice Brain

2. Take Note of Image Size

Each social media platform has different size rules; make sure you take the time to research these before creating an image. If you don’t, your image may be cropped, blurry or otherwise distorted, making it hard to capture your audience’s attention.

Promote My Practice Image Size TwitterPromote My Practice Image Size Facebook

3. Pay Attention to the Calendar

You don’t need to post an image every day, but noting popular events can help you get early traction instead of falling behind the curve. Did you know March 12 is Registered Dietician Day, or that March 30 is Doctor’s Day? Use your image to convey a heartfelt “thanks.” Chances are your audience will be eager to thank them as well by liking or sharing your photo.

Promote My Practice Love Doctors

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