FAQs: Star Ratings on PSG Websites

Last November, HCA Physician Services Group announced they would be including star ratings on PSG websites for physicians and providers.

But what exactly does this mean?

Here are answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions regarding star ratings on your websites:

What does the star rating measure?
The star rating by a physician’s name is an overall recommendation rating. The recommendation rating reflects patients’ decisions to recommend their provider to friends and family based on the care they received.

Is this on every PSG website? Which practices will see star ratings?

Any PSG practice that uses the Medical GPS Patient Surveys to gather feedback on the patient experience has the potential to have star ratings added to their websites. These are updated by HCA Web Services on a monthly basis.

For a star rating to show beside a provider’s profile, he/she must have received a minimum of 1 rating in Medical GPS.

This means, some physicians at your practice may have a rating beside their profile, and others might not, if they have not received any ratings from the patient surveys. It is also important to note that for a star rating to appear, the provider’s NPI number in Medical GPS must match the NPI number HCA Web Services has on file. If you would like to check the information associated with your providers, please contact HCA Web Services.

When and where will the star ratings appear?

Physician ratings will appear underneath the provider’s name in the “Our Providers” section of your website. When patients click on “View Doctor Profile,” they will also see the Recommendation rating score.


What is the purpose of displaying physician star ratings on our practice websites?

The goal of publishing these star ratings is to emphasize the quality of our physicians and encourage patients to select a PSG practice. The data collected from these patient surveys highlights the positive experiences patients have had at our practices, so it is important to publish these results for potential patients to view.

With more patients relying on leading online review sites to select a healthcare provider, this initiative allows patients and potential patients to access the information they need about a practice and provider without ever leaving your practice website.

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