Aaron Clifford, Social Media Strategist of the Year

Our very own Director of Web & Social Media Services, Aaron Clifford, was named Social Media Strategist of the Year at the 5th annual Nashville Technology Council Awards. This award is presented to someone who has used social and digital media tools and technologies to effectively market their organization’s products and services. Aaron was given this award because he has demonstrated leadership and created a following and appreciation for social media in the healthcare industry.


Aaron defines a successful social media strategist as having four qualities: 1) must like human beings (or you’ll get tired of social media very quickly), 2) must be an avid learner, 3) must love technology and 4) must love data.

In regards to the future of social media, Aaron says, “The human need to share content and information is not going to change, so while the platforms may be different, a lot of the content is going to remain the same.”

AC Social Media Strategist 2.png

HCA leadership, Aaron’s social media team and his family supported him at the superhero-themed awards ceremony.

AC Social Media Strategist 3

True to Nashville form, the award was actually an electric guitar inscribed with the award title and year.

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