Google Presents the Most Searched Health Terms of 2013

Topping the list of most searched health terms of 2013 was “flu.” This is not surprising since according to the CDC, on average 5-20 percent of the United States population contracts the virus each year. Other popular health searches included “cold,” “back pain,” and “rash.”

According to Google, 49 percent of online health seekers search using conditions or diseases and 35 percent search using symptoms. Understanding how patients search for their health information is important because it means practices can help patients find the exact information they are looking for.

A patient searching for “rash” likely doesn’t know whether their rash is caused by a chronic skin problem, an allergic reaction, or if it’s a symptom of something more serious like liver disease. Instead of using terms like “psoriasis treatment” or “eczema treatment” to describe practice capabilities, focus on using highly searched words in your blog or social media content. An alternative would be: “We treat a wide array of rashes and skin irritations.”

Take a look at the other words that topped Google’s list of health searches for 2013 and think about how your practice utilizes these words as well as condition/symptom related keywords in its online presence.

Top Google Health Searches 2013

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