3 Surprising Statistics on Reputation Management

3 Surprising RM Stats 3

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All it takes is one scathing review to outshine all the glowing recommendations to make a prospective patient think twice about your practice. With such a large segment of the population relying on social media for advice when choosing a doctor or hospital, not properly maintaining your online reputation is a huge gamble to take. Whether you like it or not, a conversation about your practice and doctors is already taking place online. Are you part of that conversation?


mHealth Watch

Although this statistic pulls data from three years ago, it is still powerful. There is a very good chance your patient will walk out of your exam room and hop right on to their phone. Whether a patient’s experience was positive or negative, it is easier than ever for your patients to share their experiences almost instantaneously. It’s important for your practice to be able to monitor this feedback.


Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group

Negative reviews in a service-oriented industry are both a part of life and a necessary evil to help maintain transparency. However, it is vital practices learn how to respond and move forward from negative reviews on sites such as Google+ Local, Vitals or Healthgrades. Simply pretending these comments don’t exist in cyberspace, especially if they are inaccurate, can be harmful to your practice.

For more information on how you can take control of your practice’s online reputation, contact Elizabeth Wuellner to enroll in the Reputation Management course.

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