Is Reputation Management Right for My Practice?

In January, HCAPS’ Social Media Team launched a new course – Promote My Practice: Reputation Management.

The course is designed to increase patient volume and improve your practice’s ability to be found online by acquiring positive reviews.

During the six-week course, your practice will learn:

  • proven techniques for getting reviews
  • best practices for asking for reviews
  • how to appropriately manage online reviews
  • techniques for managing the practice’s online reputation

In October 2013, six practices participated in a successful pilot.

Result image

What exactly is Promote My Practice: Reputation Management?
Reputation Management focuses on helping your practice generate new reviews through proven techniques.

We will provide training to ensure your staff and physicians are comfortable asking for reviews in an appropriate ways. Each practice will also receive customized promotional materials to promote their online profiles.

Practices will also learn techniques to maintain and continue improving their online reputation after the course.

Is my practice a good fit for Reputation Management?
To be successful in Reputation Management, you’ll need a few things:

  • Two hours per week to participate in weekly training calls and complete assignments.
  • A supportive and engaged staff who will work together to get new reviews for your practice.
  • To be a graduate of Promote My Practice: Course 100.
  • The desire to improve your practice’s online reputation.

Some other things to consider:

  • Is my practice getting a new provider or changing locations in the next few months? When you hire a new provider or change locations, you must update all of your online profiles. You need to update your profiles and claim any new physician profiles before starting the course.
  • Is my practice accepting new patients? If your practice is not accepting new patients, you have no need to increase patient volume. However, if the practice has a highly negative online reputation, Reputation Management can help you improve your reputation before it becomes a problem.
  • Does my practice have enough time to dedicate to this program? If your practice is implementing electronic medical records or going through dramatic changes, you may want to participate at a later time.

My practice is ready for Reputation Management, now what?

Apply! Click here for an application and send it to the HCAPS Social Media Team.

Some practices will be contacted to participate based on their online reputation.

If you have any questions about the program or your application, please contact Elizabeth Wuellner, HCAPS Reputation Management Specialist.

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