Updates to Google Alerts

Subscribing to Google Alerts is a fast and easy way to allow physician practices to see what is being said about them online. Now, Google is adding more value to its Alerts application by making it easier to digest and spread the content it delivers.  According to a recent article by Search Engine Land, on January 17th, Google updated the Google Alerts interface to make it more engaging for users.  In an industry that places such heavy emphasis on content, any method of generating and relaying useful content to audiences is certainly a value added, and now it’s as easy as clicking “share.” Below is a comparison of the old and new layouts.

Out with the old…

 Old google alert twitter

…In with the new

New google alert twitter

Three new features immediately catch the eye:

  1. Share Buttons: Users are now able to share these relevant news links to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. These three icons give the user the ability to share up-to-date content to their audiences quickly and easily.
  2. A ‘Flag as Irrelevant’ Button: Additionally, users can flag certain articles as irrelevant, allowing Google to curate more specific search results that are better suited to the user’s needs.
  3. A Cleaner Interface: Larger headlines and an overall more polished look make the design more user-friendly and engaging.

What do you think of Google’s new Alerts interface? Let us know in the comment box below.

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