10 Twitter stats that will help you engage your followers

Does your Twitter account have the winter blues? Check out these 10 surprising Twitter statistics from the Huffington Post that will heat up patient engagement with your practice.

1. Twitter engagement for brands is 17 percent higher on weekends.
However, research shows only 19 percent of brands tweet on weekends. If you aren’t in the office on Saturdays and Sundays, consider using free services like Hootsuite to schedule tweets ahead of time.

2. Tweets with image links get 2 times more engagement compared to tweets without image links.
Whenever appropriate, try to use an image with your tweets. Just be careful not to use pictures of patients and always follow HIPAA guidelines.

3. Shorter is sweeter. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17 percent more engagement.
While tweets can be up to 140 characters long, remember shorter tweets are better. Tweets with links get the most engagement if they fall between 120 and 130 characters.

4. The 55-64 age group is the fastest growing demographic on Twitter.
Twitter isn’t just for teens and 20-somethings. The social media site is a great way to connect with older patients outside of the office. HCAPS Social Media Team can help you launch your practice’s social media presence through Promote My Practice: Course 300.

5. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement.
Don’t overload your tweets with hashtags, but include one or two when appropriate. Including three or more hashtags will actually decrease engagement.

Here is a great example of hashtag use: hashtag

6. 66 percent of user-generated tweets that mention brands are written using mobile devices.
Make it easy for mobile users to view and retweet your content. Make sure any links you tweet can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

7. Users who mainly access Twitter from a mobile device are 181 percent more likely to use Twitter during their commute.
The best time to tweet will vary based on your audience, but don’t be afraid to try to reach your followers during their morning and afternoon commute. Your audience is looking for interesting content to keep them occupied, so be the brand that gives them something great to read.

8. Twitter users who are most likely to retweet content are 122 percent more likely to send direct messages.
Don’t let your direct messages go unanswered, because the people who message your brand are most likely amplifiers- users who are more likely to retweet content than other users. If they feel like your brand isn’t responsive, they may stop sharing your content.


9. Ask and you shall receive. Tweets that ask to be retweeted are 12 times more likely to be retweeted and 23 times more likely if the word “retweet” is spelled out instead of being abbreviated to RT.
Twitter users will share content with their followers by retweeting. While your practice wants its content shared as much as possible, don’t ask your followers to retweet every tweet. Only ask for retweets on the most important content you post.

Ask for retweets: Retweet: 160,340 Americans were expected to die from lung cancer in 2012. Learn the symptoms & how to your reduce risk on our blog.

Do not ask for retweets: Wishing everyone a happy New Year! 

10. Tweets that include links  are 86 percent more likely to be retweeted.
Links appeal to Twitter users and provide content they want to share with their own followers. When appropriate, try to find an article or blog post to include with your tweet.

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