Foursquare and Vitals Have Changed Again!

Foursquare and Vitals have changed again!

Recently, we updated you on how to request a receipt for Foursquare’s required verification fee, and we also provided a detailed look at Vital’s major site renovation.

While the new changes are minor, they are helpful to know about when setting up your practice and physicians on these sites.

Vitals: Search and Review Updates

New Vitals Welcome

In addition to the bright purple banner, you will notice Vitals is now making it easier for patients to find and review your physicians and practices.

Patients will still be able to search by physician, condition or specialty, but they can also filter by their insurance provider and location.

New Vitals Login

If patients wish to leave a review, they can easily do so by selecting ‘Write a review’ from the top of the home page, searching for their physician and clicking his/her corresponding profile to leave a review.

New Vitals Review

Patients can easily rate and review their physician and share their experience at the practice online.

Foursquare Facelift

If you have recently created a Foursquare venue for your practice, you may have noticed the site’s new look and features.

After creating a Foursquare user account, you will see a new “Welcome to Foursquare” menu with instructions on how to add information to your Foursquare profile. Please note, you are not required to fill in information for this step.

From this menu, you can easily use the link,, to search for your listing and start claiming your venue.

Foursquare updates

If you have questions about any site changes or notice a profile has changed recently, let us know! We will make the necessary changes to our toolkits and blog, so we can keep all of our practices informed.

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