Reputation Management Q&A with Pinnacle Medical Group’s Internal Medicine practice

HCAPS’ Social Media Team recently spoke with Laura Calbert, referral coordinator at Pinnacle Medical Group’s Internal Medicine practice. Laura successfully took Pinnacle through the pilot for Promote My Practice: Reputation Management and helped her practice earn 16 positive reviews in 6 weeks. Check out our Q&A with her below.

Q1. Your practice received 16 new, positive reviews in 6 weeks. How did you do it?
We focused on patients we knew well and asked them to write reviews because we know they love our physicians. We asked them to help our practice grow by sharing their opinion of us online. Some of our patients were so gung-ho about leaving a review, they would pull out their phone and write a review before leaving the office.

Q2. Your practice struggled to get reviews the first few weeks. How did you overcome that struggle?
We mainly overcame it by getting more confident asking for reviews, listening to patient concerns and adjusting our strategy to meet patient needs. It was easier for our patients to use, since they are older, so I directed most of our patients there. One of our doctors would send patients directly to me after their appointment, so I could talk to them about leaving an online review.

Q3. Your practice received additional reviews after the course ended. What is your practice doing to continue getting reviews?
We have a lot of snowbird patients right now, and they are very savvy with the Internet. We are asking them for reviews, despite the fact they are only in the area part of the year.

Q4. What were your overall thoughts of Promote My Practice: Reputation Management?
I really thought the program was great. I was apprehensive at first because our practice is very busy, but I really learned a lot about promoting our practice, computer information and navigating through our online profile.

Pinnacle review

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