Yelp Help: Why are My Reviews Not Recommended by Yelp?


These four physician reviews on Yelp have one thing in common—Yelp has marked them as “reviews that are not currently recommended” and hidden them from this practice’s profile.


The reviews are positive and logical and would be an asset to any physician’s profile. Each reviewer also leaves his or her name or initials.

What could be wrong?

According to Yelp, the site uses automated filtering software to help determine the most trustworthy reviews for your Yelp business listings. The software examines reviews based on a number of factors, including quality and reliability of the review and reviewer, and it marks them as either recommended reviews or reviews not currently recommended. Yelp previously referred to these reviews as filtered reviews.

Filtered reviews, or reviews not currently recommended by Yelp, are not displayed on a business listing’s public profile, and their ratings do not contribute to a listing’s overall star rating. Users can, however, click to see the reviews that have not been recommended.

Marketing Land has further insight into how Yelp’s software determines which reviews are displayed on your profile, based on results from a recent study of more than 316,000 Yelp reviews from 3,600 businesses.

The study revealed that more than 50,000-or 16 percent-of those reviews, had not been recommended by Yelp and shared the following characteristics:

  • Extreme positive or negative ratings
  • Lack of content
  • Lack of activity or profile information from reviewer

Characteristics of the reviewer play a key role in how Yelp recommends reviews. Reviews posted by new Yelp users who haven’t left many reviews are more likely to be filtered than reviews left by Yelp users who frequently review business listings. Reviews left by users without a profile picture or full name listed have an increased chance of being filtered as well. As a Yelp reviewer becomes more active, however, any reviews that were previously not recommended may become recommended.

Even if reviews marked as “not recommended” seem legitimate, Yelp’s software may mark it as not recommended if it meets any of the criteria listed above. It’s part of their efforts to prevent fraudulent reviews from appearing on business listings and ensure only the most trustworthy reviews are displayed.

So why were the above reviews not recommended by Yelp?

  • All four reviews received 5-star ratings.
  • None of the reviewers uploaded a profile picture.
  • Two of the reviewers used their initials, instead of their full name.

If you have questions about any recommended-or not recommended-reviews, contact Yelp Support. Under Business Owner Help, select an appropriate category and fill in your email address, business name and a brief explanation of your issue.

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