Proving Promote My Practice

Since starting Promote My Practice more than two years ago, the social media and online marketing training program has grown into a successful method for helping physician practices build and manage their online presence and better connect with patients and potential patients online.

Over the past 14 rounds, our social media team has worked to streamline the program and generate increased awareness and interest about the importance of building and maintaining an online presence for physician practices. We are proud to announce our most recent five rounds produced nearly twice as many graduates as our first five rounds of Promote My Practice. Our team can attribute this to the growing interest in our program, as well as the strong leadership support we have garnered since the start of the program.

grad statsThe ultimate goal of Promote My Practice is to increase patient volume by making it easier for potential patients to find correct information about a practice they are interested in online. Our recent analysis comparing clinic volume and new patient growth six months before participation in our program to six months after participation revealed a 28-percent increase in new patient volume, as well as a 16-percent increase in clinic volume.

pmp goalsWe have now claimed nearly 2,500 profiles and have launched a new reputation management course which we plan to roll-out to the enterprise in 2014. As we prepare for next year, we are excited for what the future holds for Promote My Practice. We look forward to continuing to help our physician practices improve their online presence to better connect with patients.

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