‘Tis the season to take a look at your practice’s online presence

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished personally and professionally over the last 365 days. It’s also a great time to review your practice’s online profiles!

Take a few minutes to sign in to Foursquare, Google+ Local, Yelp, Healthgrades and Vitals. Use the checklists below to review your practice’s and physicians’ online information.

Checklist for Foursquare, Google+ Local and Yelp:

Practice Name Make sure your practice’s name is the same on all of your profiles. Use your “doing business as” name.
Photos Has a new physician joined your practice? How updated and accurate are all of your physician photos? Make sure the images that appear on your profile accurately reflect the way your physicians look today.
Practice details Have you added a physician? Does your physician perform a new procedure?
Location Has your practice moved recently? Has your phone number changed?
Website Make sure the link to your practice’s website is still working.
Tips / Reviews Make sure to respond to recent tips or reviews as appropriate.

Checklist for Healthgrades and Vitals:

*Note: Vitals went through a dramatic update last month. All passwords were deactivated. If you have not reset your password in the last month, you will need to do so before accessing your account. Read our blog post about the recent Vitals update to learn about the site’s changes.

New Physician Claim Vitals and Healthgrades profiles for all of your new physicians.
Physician Name Have any of your physicians gotten married and changed their name? Has a physician started going by their middle name instead of their first name?
Location If your practice has moved recently, make sure the location is up to date.
Accepted health plans Check the list of accepted insurances. Patients can search for physicians by which insurance they accept, so it’s important this is accurate on your physicians’ profiles.
Photo If your physician’s appearance has changed, update their photo. Patients may feel upset if they make an appointment, but the physician looks different in person than he/she does online.
Specialty Make sure your physician’s specialty is listed correctly. Patients can search for physicians by specialty, so it’s important that this information is accurate.
Reviews Respond to reviews as appropriate. Remember, Vitals allows you to hide up to two reviews.

It’s best to check your profiles once a month, so you can ensure all information is correct and respond to positive and negative reviews appropriately. When you set your goals for the next year, include checking your practice’s and physicians’ profiles once per month on your list.

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