Don’t try faking it. Get real online reviews.

It’s very tempting to write fake reviews, especially since we know many patients are looking for information about physicians and practices online. 

Unfortunately, writing fake reviews can land your practice in hot water.

Last week, Samsung was fined $340,000 for paying people to write positive reviews about its products and negative reviews about competitors’ products. Last month, 19 companies in New York were fined a total of $350,000 for producing fake reviews on sites like Google+ Local and Yelp and paying customers to leave positive online reviews.

Yelp Alert

Stay honest and earn reviews for your practice the right way!

  • Claim your practice’s and physicians’ online profiles. After claiming a profile, you can post pictures of your practice and physicians and make sure all information is correct. This will help patients find the correct profile when writing reviews and help new patients contact your practice.
  • Tell patients about your online presence. HCA Web Services can provide practices who have graduated from Promote My Practice Course 100 with posters and handouts to promote your online review profiles to patients. You can also include links to the practice’s and physicians’ online review profiles in your practice’s eNewsletter or Medical GPS Survey.
  • Respond to reviews. If patients don’t think anyone is reading their reviews, they won’t bother writing them. Respond to both positive and negative comments appropriately.

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