Social Media and New Patient Growth

An important part of our job is to measure and analyze the success of HCAPS’ social media efforts through Promote My Practice. We primarily look at how establishing a positive online presence affects revenue and clinic volume growth.

We recently analyzed the revenue generated from the first ten rounds of Promote My Practce. We used Medical GPS patient surveys to calculate revenue brought in from patients who said they made an appointment with a practice based on information they found online.

We discovered that the first ten rounds of Promote My Practice generated approximately $3.6 million in patient revenue.

Taking into consideration that only 5 percent of all patients take the survey, it’s safe to say this number is conservative.Image

We also compared overall clinic volume and new patient growth of Promote My Practice participants to that of practices that have not participated in PMP. We found PMP participants experienced 67.5% more new patient growth than non-participants. Image

We’re proud to report these positive numbers, as the main goal of the program is to increase revenue and new patient volume. We can’t wait to see how much of an impact another 10 rounds will have!

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