Introducing custom Google+ Local URLS

Everyone enjoys simplicity when it comes to the internet. Soon you’ll be able to simplify your practice’s Google+ Local URL by creating a unique, shortened one. Changing your URL from to will allow you to easily direct people to your profile by promoting it on your website, emails, printed materials or other media.

Google has posted information about the new custom link feature. Here are the 5 most important things you need to know.

  1. Not everyone can create a custom URL, yet. The feature should be available to everyone at some point this week. To find out if you have the capability of creating a custom link, log on to your practice’s Google+ Local profile and you will see a “Get URL” button.
  2. To be eligible to create a custom URL, your practice’s Google+ Local profile must be verified. If you’ve graduated from Promote My Practice: Course 100, your Google+ Local profile should be verified.
  3. Google will provide you with an option for your practice’s customized URL.
  4. After creating a customized URL, you may need to re-verify your account via phone.
  5. Once you approve the custom URL, you can’t change it, so make sure you are happy with your selection and everything is spelled correctly. We recommend using your practice’s name or part of your practice’s name as your custom URL.Get URLCustom URL Confirm

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