7 things you probably didn’t know about Facebook

Facebook is constantly evolving, and if you manage the Facebook page for your practice, it’s important to stay up-to-date with Facebook’s frequent updates. Ragan’s PR Daily recently posted an article about the most useful 7 Facebook features you don’t know about.

  1. Text to “like” 
    You can now “like” pages on Facebook through text message. All you need to do is text “Like <PAGE NAME>” to FBOOK (32665). Next time you see patients texting in the waiting room, ask them to “like” your practice’s page via text. 
  2. Embed Posts 
    You can now embed posts from Facebook into your practice’s website or blog. If one of your Facebook posts received a great deal of engagement, embed it in a blog post and expand on the topic.Embed_posts embed_posts2
  3. Edit links
    Facebook allows you to change the long summaries that appear when you post a link. Simply double click on the summary to edit. Consider shortening the summary or removing it all together, so the post looks more appealing to your Facebook fans. change_link_summary
  4. Schedule posts
    Social media can be time consuming, especially if you are responsible for other duties at your practice, but scheduling posts will help decrease the time you spend on Facebook. Create your content ahead of time, and schedule posts in advance.Schedule_post
  5. Reposition photos
    If you post an image that isn’t perfectly sized for Facebook, you can reposition the image to ensure it looks best. Next time you post a picture of one of your physicians, try repositioning the image so s/he looks her/his best.reposition_image
  6. Search for anyone
    Facebook changed its privacy settings, and anyone who is signed into Facebook can search for you through the site. Personal profiles can still be hidden from internet searches.
  7. Edit comments
    As a Facebook page manager, you should make sure your posts are grammatically correct and free of spelling errors, but we are all human and make typos from time to time. Thanks to this feature, the next time you comment about a “docter,” you can easily correct it to “doctor.”

edit_commentsFacebook is a great tool for connecting with patients outside of the office. If you are interested in developing a Facebook page for your practice, enroll in Promote My Practice: Course 200 or Course 300. Email HCA Web Services for more information.

Like the Promote My Practice Facebook page for more social media tips.

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