Help! My Practice Received an Inaccurate Review.

It can happen to any physician or practice – an inaccurate review is left on Yelp, Google+ Local or Vitals. Luckily, review sites allow you to contest these inaccurate reviews.

Is this review inaccurate?
Before contesting a review, make sure it is inaccurate. Remember, review sites will not remove reviews that are based on personal opinions.

A review is inaccurate if it:
• is about another practice
• is about a physician at another practice
• is about a physician who has left your practice
• blames a physician for medical issues out of his/her control

Example: Your practice is an OB/GYN office, but you receive a review from a patient who is dissatisfied with his colonoscopy.

Example: A patient leaves a review about Dr. John Doe, on the profile of Dr. Jane Smith.

Example: Your practice has a review about Dr. Smith, but she is no longer employed at the practice.

Example: I had a miscarriage thanks to my physician. I was one month along. My doctor and others told me it’s not uncommon to have a miscarriage before three months, but I still blame the doctor.

If you need help deciding if a review is considered inaccurate, contact HCA Web Services.

Contest inaccurate reviews.
Inaccurate reviews can affect a physician’s and practice’s average star rating as well as damage their online reputation. However, you should not contest a review just because it is negative. If a review does not meet the criteria listed in this blog post, it should not be contested.

To report an inaccurate review on Vitals:
1. Email
2. Include the name of the physician and the link to his/her Vitals profile.
3. Include the date (and a screen shot if possible) of the review(s) you are contesting.
4. Explain, in detail, why you want to contest the review(s).
5. Vitals will respond via email with its decision.

To report an inaccurate review on Yelp:
1. Log into your Yelp account by visiting


2. Once you log in, click Reviews on the menu on the left.


3. You will see a list of the practice’s reviews. Find the review you wish to contest and click Flag review.


4. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the reason you are flagging the review. You will also see a text box where you can explain in detail why the review should be removed.


To report an inaccurate review on Google+ Local:
1. Go to

2. Select Get started for free.
3. Log in to your Google+ Local Account.
4. This will bring you to your dashboard. Select your location.
5. Select reviews on the right-hand side of the screen.


6. This will bring you to the practice profile. Click report a problem on the right-hand side of the screen.
7. Select Some photos, reviews do not belong here.


8. A text box will appear. Explain which review(s) you are contesting and describe in detail why you believe the review(s) is inaccurate. Click submit at the bottom of the screen to finish.

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