5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Posts Look Better

Next time you visit this box, try using one of these tips to clean up the look of your post.

post box

1. Post your link as a photo

According to Buddy Media, photo posts receive interaction rates 39% higher than average. So instead of posting your link as a status, post a related photo and add the link to the caption. Use bit.ly, or another link-shortening site, to shorten the link so it looks clean.

link as photo

2. Reposition your photos

If your photo’s default position isn’t quite right, you can easily reposition it to capture the right part. Simply click on the edit button in the top-right corner of the post and choose “Reposition Photo.”


repo before after

3. Utilize link displays

You can clean up the look of your posts with links by using link displays. When you paste a link into the post box, a preview of the link’s content will appear after a few seconds. Once the link display appears, you can delete the link text from the post box without actually removing the link.

link display before after

4. Customize your link displays

The link’s display name and description are automatically generated, but you can easily change them. Simply double-click the field and enter the new name or description.

name change

If you don’t like the way the display image looks, you can upload a different one. Click “Upload Image” and choose a better fit from your files.

final link display

5. Use line breaks in your posts

Breaking up your text can make your posts easier to digest. Use line breaks to add emphasis, pause or to create a transition point.

line break

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