Vitals Updates You Need to Know

Vitals has made important updates that are vital for you to know.  Here are four items you need to know regarding the changes to one of the leading physician profile sites.

  1. Once you sign into Vitals, you now have two options from which to select. For physicians, choose Manage Your Professional Profile to edit your profile. Image
  2. Vitals has also changed the physician dashboard to a much more simplified design. There are no longer sections for physicians to provide Background/Biography or Personal Statement information. Vitals is now choosing to focus solely on practice information, education and specialties for each physician.
  3. In the recent update, Vitals has also made it easier to manage physician reviews. To add a comment, simply click the pencil icon of the corresponding review and type in your response. You can also hide up to two reviews by selecting HIDE.Image
  4. Also important to note, you may have issues logging in to your physician profile with your login information, as Vitals is still continuing to make changes to its site. You can always select Forgot My Password in the login screen and have a password reset link emailed to the address associated with your account. For any further questions related to your Vitals account, contact

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