Promote My Practice Q&A with Neurosurgical Specialists of El Paso

Our practice spotlight for our September monthly eNewsletter is Neurosurgical Specialists of El Paso. We were fortunate enough to speak with their practice manager, Rita Aguirre.  Below is our Q&A about the benefit of the program, how to handle a negative review and much more. Enjoy!

1. How has Promote My Practice benefited your practice?

Promote My Practice has helped Neurosurgical Specialists of El Paso keep in touch with our patients.  Through this medium, we communicate stories of public interest as well as specific conditions treated at our practice  This tool is a way for our patients to stay in touch with our practice and learn new things that may affect them or their family and friends.

2. When you received a negative recommendation on Facebook about a wait time, how did you address that?

I first investigated in my office what had transpired so that I was aware of all the facts, then I consulted with the PMP team and they gave me a great way to respond to the post. “We apologize that your expectations were not met. We value feedback from our patients as part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care. Please call our office so we can discuss your concerns further. We will strive to make each experience a positive one in the future.“ I also sent the patient a letter explaining in detail the occurrence, our apology and that we are here to help him if he should decide to return to our practice.

3. You have received two very positive recommendations within the last 2 months. What do you credit this to? 

I credit the responses to our communicating with our staff and patients about our Facebook page.  We have posted reminders in our office to like us and also send every new patient a thank you card with our Facebook and Webpage information so that they stay connected between visits.

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