Clinic Volume and New Patient Growth

Improving your practice’s online reputation is an integral part of our program, but the overall objective is to eventually increase clinic volume and new patient growth. This is how we determine the success of our participants, as well as the success of the Promote My Practice program.

We recently analyzed data for a sample of practices to compare clinic volume and new patient growth for the 6-month period before participating in the program, to the 6-month period after participating.

On average, new patient volume increased by 28 percent, while clinic volume grew 16 percent.

We found all practices from the sample experienced positive growth in both areas after participating in Promote My Practice.


It’s important to note that practices with a stable online presence, meaning fully-updated profile information and strong reviews, are more likely to see high increases in volume growth. If you allow your practice’s profiles to go unattended after graduation, however, your volume growth results are likely to be much lower. This further proves how crucial it is to keep online information up-to-date and to actively generate positive patient reviews.

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