Foursquare Updates its Business Manager Platform

Foursquare has recently made some changes to its business manager platform. It has updated the way you access manager mode and how you verify a venue listing. Foursquare’s merchant tools will continue to evolve as it becomes more and more popular for businesses to take ownership of their venue listings.

Accessing Manager Mode

Foursquare has changed the way you access the Manager Mode of your account. Now when you go to Foursquare, you will be prompted to Manage your business on Foursquare or use your personal account. Click the name of the listing to access the Manager Mode.

manage4sq-witharrowLook for the Your business listing section on the next page. This is where you will be able to access all Foursquare merchant tools.

your biz listing

  • Click on Manage your listing to edit and update venue information
  • Click See customer stats to view analytics and monitor traffic

Venue Verification

Foursquare offers two ways of getting the PIN number you need to claim and verify venue listings. Once a venue is claimed, you can edit its information and access analytics. You can get the PIN instantly by phone verification, or you can opt for snail mail verification and wait for a postcard to arrive with the PIN. According to our Best Practices, instant verification is strongly encouraged. Our team has claimed hundreds of venues and has seen very little success with postcard verification.

Foursquare is now requiring a small one-time fee to instantly verify venue listings. In the past, the price of expedited verification ranged anywhere from $20 to free. Now, the fee is most often $20, although a special $1 fee is offered on occasion. This is a very small price to pay for avoiding the frustration of waiting on snail mail verification that may never come.

Tip: A receipt for the charge will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

If you have any questions about Foursquare or the recent updates, please contact our social media team, or leave a comment below.

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