What Are The Most Important Updates To Make To My Profiles?

Once you have graduated from Promote My Practice, it’s easy to sigh with relief because the hard work of claiming profiles is over, but in reality, the job of keeping these profiles up-to-date never ends. Luckily, your practice information will not change often, but when it does, it is imperative that your online profiles reflect and address these changes. Below are some key areas in your practice’s profiles that should always be up-to-date.

  1. Practice Name. While this may seem obvious, it consistently gets overlooked. If there is ever a change in your practice name, update your profiles immediately. It is also a good idea to address the name change in your description for patients that will continue to search for your previous name.
  2. Website address. Hopefully this will remain the same, but in case your domain name is changed, this should be updated on your profiles. Clicks to your website are one of the top interactions patients have with your profiles, and if it takes them to a page that no longer exists, it may be the last time they search for your practice.
  3. Physician information. Whether a physician is coming or going, this is key information.  If your physician receives an award, joins an association or has any significant update, make that change on their Vitals and Healthgrades profile.
  4. Specialties. New providers can bring new areas of expertise. Make sure your patients are informed of any new services offered.
  5. Photos. This includes photos of your building, physicians, logo, etc. Out-of-date photos imply that your practice is disinterested in your profiles can be confusing to new patients.

And don’t forget to update everything in between. In reality, every aspect of your profiles is important and should be treated that way. 

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