Get Your Fans Talking: Ask Questions

FB Questions

Open-ended questions invite your fans to have a conversation with you.  By asking questions, you show your fans their thoughts and opinions matter. Good questions start with words like ‘how,’ ‘what’ and ‘why,’ and they never elicit a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

Here’s our list for 15 questions to ask your patients.  What would you add to the list? Be creative!

  1. After picking up your kids from school and getting them to their various activities, we know it can be tough to find time to prepare a healthy meal for your family.  What’s your secret for keeping your family healthy on busy days?
  2. What are your go-to healthy snacks for your kids?
  3. It’s the most important meal of the day–how do you start your day right?
  4. How do you keep your children active and off the couch during lazy summer days?
  5. In our experience, happiness is a direct result of healthiness.  When do you feel your healthiest?
  6. As parents, we spend a lot of time taking care of our family.  But how do you find time to take care of yourself?
  7. We want to make sure the content on our Facebook page matches what you want to read.  What would you like to see more of?
  8. Let’s talk about school lunches. What do you pack in your child’s lunchbox to keep him/her healthy at school?
  9. A typical job means you’re sitting at your desk for long periods of time each day.  How do you incorporate physical activity into your work week?
  10. It’s not easy finding time to get everything checked off the to-do list before heading to bed.  How many hours of sleep do you average per night on a typical week?
  11. Getting through a busy day can sometimes mean sacrificing healthy choices. What do you tend to sacrifice first–sleep, eating healthy or exercise? Why?
  12. We know some weeks can be extra stressful. How do you manage to de-stress during busy weeks?
  13. We want to know:  what’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?
  14. In your opinion, what makes a good doctor, a great doctor?
  15. We want to know: what are some of your favorite Facebook pages and blogs? Why?

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