Jeff Rydburg on Promote My Practice

For most of our practices, growing our practices is one of our top objectives.  Word of mouth is always the number one way potential patients find new practices.  Social media has taken over as the second best way to gain new patients… and since it is now easy for a patient to “check a reference” from a friend, it is critical that we maintain and monitor a positive web reputation.  In addition, many studies have shown that a potential patient may view the information they find on the web as if it came directly from a friend.  This means it is likely the number one source of new patients in the future.

HCAPS supports the practices in the social media arena by working with the practices to develop websites.  Recently, we have started a program called “Promote My Practice”.  This is the first step to ensuring your position on the web/social media is correctly managed and an asset to your practice. Many practices have already started this and we have found numerous errors in their contact information that patients would find when searching for their practice or physicians.  When things change in our practices, it is difficult to remember all the places that patients may look for our contact information- Promote My Practices helps us ensure patients have the latest information on our practices.  Our studies have shown that practices that have participated in Promote My Practice have seen faster new patient growth and an improvement in online rankings.

This newsletter is intended to keep you informed of all the activity around social media and ideas on how to use it to your practices advantage.  We hope you find it interesting and will contact our social media team with questions. 

Thank you for the great care and service you provide our patients in our practices. 

Jeff Rydburg

VP Support Services Group

HCA Physician Services

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