Feature Friday: Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics

Rocky Mtn Fb

One of the first Promote My Practice graduates, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics has proved why having an active online presence is essential.

In addition to regularly maintaining their presence on sites such as Google+ Local, Yelp and Foursquare, Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics in Denver, Colorado connects with patients via Twitter, WordPress blog and their Facebook page, which boasts an impressive 711 likes.

Office manager Andrea Rau says Promote My Practice was an exciting way to build a web presence and help promote what her practice was already doing well.  With her providers already supportive of growing their practice’s social media presence, the training program was a way to get them engaged and more excited about online marketing.

For RMPO, staying active on social media sites allows patients and potential patients the opportunity to “get to know the personality of the practice and providers,” Rau says. Especially for first-time visits, it can make patients feel more comfortable and help them stay in touch with the practice.

The specialized pediatric orthopedic clinic is driven by self-referrals, so increasing their social media strategy has served as an effective way to reach more patients.

“I have definitely seen more and more patients say they found us on the web,” says Rau.

But maintaining RMPO’s social media presence hasn’t been easy–it has required the right motivation and dedication from their team to stay committed to connecting with patients online.

So what’s their strategy? Set goals, get everyone involved and make it fun.

Doctors at the clinic contribute blog posts and articles on practical information related to their specialty.  Eric Heinzen, a physician’s assistant who leads several of RMPO’s social media initiatives, and others in the practice update on practice events, contribute physician spotlights and provide health-related news.

To boost engagement and activity on their sites, RMPO’s social media team asks a question of the week, encourages internal competitions among employees and offers incentives for users to like their page.  While 711 likes is an accomplishment, RMPO doesn’t want to stop there–their goal is to reach 1,000 likes.

Rau says Heinzen and their social media committee spends about an hour each week keeping their sites updated, and she believes the time they spend is definitely worth it: “It’s crucial for keeping up with the times today because people now expect you to be on social media and have a web presence.”

“Once you get into the groove of things,” she says, “it’s really not that much of a time commitment.”

Their advice for other practices taking the social media plunge?

Always keep your audience in mind with everything you post, and remember your purpose for promoting your practice online.  It’s all about the patient.

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