Get your practice noticed: 3 ways to increase reviews

Monitoring and responding to your online reviews is important–but what if you aren’t getting any?

Reviews on Google+ Local can be powerful for your practice, so the more patients you can encourage to review their visit, the more your practice will get noticed on the web.

HealthCare Communication offers three practical tips you may not have considered to draw traffic to your Google+ Local listing.

  1.  Make it easy for patients to find you:Review us on Google+It’s the Digital Age, which means people don’t take time type in long URLs, scroll through endless webpages or search multiple sites to get what they want.  According to Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

    So take the hassle out of finding your sites and add a review button to your practice’s website.  If you have experience in working with the source code on your practice’s website, you can check out some of the review buttons, download the desired image and insert your image and URL into the place in your source code where you would like your button to appear. If you have reservations about making changes to your website, you can have HCA Web Services add a review button for you.  Just fill out a dotCMS content request.

  2. Add a QR Code: QR CodeYou can add this quirky black and white box to your office print materials, handouts, business cards, etc. to encourage patients to review your practice.  All patients have to do is scan the image with their smartphone, and the scanned QR code will take them to your Google+ Local review site, where they can easily review their visit.

    Create a QR code for your Google+ Local listing by typing in the URL of your listing and then clicking Generate. You can then download the code and use it in your print materials. Be creative—note pads, counter cards and posters in waiting rooms are great places to add your QR code, along with a note to encourage patients to review your practice.

  3. Just ask:

    Don’t be shy in asking for patients to help you out—there are several ways to politely encourage them to review your practice.

    Provide iPads or laptops in the waiting room to encourage patients to rate your services.  Email patients to thank them for choosing your practice and provide a link for them to directly add their reviews. These are just two ways to start the online conversation about your practice.

By simplifying the review process and making it accessible for your patients, you make it easy for your patients to find you and add their views.

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