How Caregivers are Using the Internet

Caregivers are consulting the Internet on important healthcare decisions for their loved ones.  A report done by Pew Research Center found caregivers are turning to online resources for help. Fifty-nine percent of caregivers with access to the Internet say “online resources have been helpful to their ability to provide care.”

Let’s first look at who caregivers are. You can see below caregivers are most often women ages 50-64 with at least some college education. When writing health information, it is important to know who will be reading it. The same goes for the basic online profiles being claimed in Promote My Practice. The information listed about physicians should not only appeal to patients, but in a lot of cases, the person making most of their healthcare decisions.


So what are caregivers looking for online? According to Pew, they are gathering information online about treatments, medications, conditions health concerns, etc.  See below.


According to a previous study done by Pew, 47 percent of adults in the U.S. said at some point in their life, it was likely they would be responsible for caring for an aging parent.

The caregiver needs all of the information a patient needs. Caregivers are devouring health information online to better understand and help the individuals for whom they are caring. When adding information to online profiles, writing a post for Facebook, sending out a tweet or creating a blog post, make sure you are including the most important audience outside of the patient, the caregiver. 

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