The Meaning Behind the “Like”: Why Users become Facebook Fans

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Promote My Practice has covered everything you should do to build your practice’s online presence–what you should post, why you should post and when you should post.  But what about examining the patient’s perspective?

Why would a patient choose to “like” your practice on Facebook?

Mashable highlighted results from a recent survey by Syncapse that interviewed 2,080 consumers on why they chose to “like” certain pages on Facebook.

Facebook Liking

  • Fans genuinely like you: Nearly half of those surveyed said they chose to become fans of brand pages “to show support for the brand I like.”

Positive experiences associated with a brand-or even your practice-can lead Facebook users to click that “like” button.

  • Fans want the inside scoop: Users also liked certain pages to receive incentives like coupons or discounts, as well as regular updates from brands.

Users want all the latest information at their fingertips.  And if you’re regularly updating your sites with meaningful, health-related content, patients will become your fan to stay in-the-know.

  • Fans want to join the conversation: The survey revealed a significant number of Facebook users fan pages to take an active role in what the brand shares via Facebook.  Several users valued sharing their “interests, lifestyles and personal experiences” with other fans and administrators of their brand page.

You can make the most of this demographic by posting participatory content that encourages your fans to join in the conversation.  Posing questions or starting a poll on health-related topics can get your fans talking.  PR Daily even suggests thanking fans for their support of your page can build online relationships and encourage fans to share and respond.

Syncapse’s results show there is meaning behind a simple “like.” So celebrate the likes your practice’s Facebook page has already received—they represent more than you might think.

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