PMP 200 & 300: Should you apply?

If you have graduated from course 100, you are eligible to continue to one of the two advanced Promote My Practice courses. In course 200, you will learn how to manage a Facebook page for your practice. Course 300 covers Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blog.

Not every practice is a good fit for course 200 or 300, however. These courses require more time and commitment to maintain, but the reward of building an online community with current and potential patients is much greater.

Below you will find an overview of each course and some questions to help you determine if your practice is an ideal participant.

PMP 200

In this course, you will work to establish a basic social media presence for your practice.

pmp200 infoIs your practice a good fit?

  • Does your practice have low patient volume?  Utilizing social media will help attract new patients and retain the ones you already have.
  • Has a new physician recently joined your practice?  Featuring new physicians on a Facebook page is a great way to help build their patient base.
  • Do you have engaged office staff willing to dedicate a small amount of time each month to maintaining a Facebook page?  It’s much easier to manage a Facebook page when you have people to help create a variety of content and post when you aren’t available.

PMP 300

This is our most advanced course in which you will work to establish a comprehensive social media and web presence for your practice.

pmp300 infoIs your practice a good fit?

  • Does your practice have low patient volume?  Building a strong community online where potential patients can get to know your practice is a great way to increase your patient roster.
  • Does your practice rank low in search engine results?  The more active you are online, the more likely it is for your practice to come up in search results.  
  • Are your physicians willing to occasionally write content for your WordPress blog and advise other social media posts?  It’s important for your physicians to support your social media efforts. After all, they’re the experts from whom patients want to hear.

Should you apply for an advanced course?

  • Do you have the capacity to devote the amount of time required to complete the course?  The time commitment includes attending the training calls, creating content and posting to the profiles. A new round of advanced courses begins about every three months, so there are plenty of opportunities to participate when the time is right.
  • Can you commit to regularly update and manage your practice’s social media presence even after the program is over?  Having social media profiles that aren’t updated is worse than not having any at all.
  • Will you actively promote your practice’s social media in the office?  Your social media presence won’t do much good if your patients don’t know about it. As part of these courses, you will learn methods for promoting your social media and will be given promotional material to display in the office.

If you are interested in participating in one of these courses or would like more information about them, please contact HCAPS’ Social Media team.

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