Timing is Everything: Knowing When to Post

It’s true–content is king.  You have to produce the right content to cater to your targeted audience in order to effectively build your brand.  But what about when you produce it?

Content may be king, but timing is everything.

PR Daily recently posted an article about the best-and worst-times to post your content on the most popular social media sites. While Promote My Practice primarily deals with Facebook, Google+ Local and Twitter, the statistics regarding Pinterest and LinkedIn are good to keep in mind as well.



Facebook traffic is highest during the lunch hour and afternoon.  Your practice can easily use this to your advantage by putting up a quick post, sharing an article or even starting a poll during your lunch hour.  Post content to encourage interaction—like asking questions, sharing articles, etc.—since you know users will be most active during the day.  Avoid posting in the morning or evening, as well as on the weekends.


Statistics show Twitter traffic is relatively the same as Facebook—highest during the afternoon. This makes it easy for your practice to be diligent about interacting with Twitter and Facebook users throughout the day.  The peak days for high Twitter traffic are Monday through Thursday, but avoid saving your tweets for Fridays.


Google+ traffic is strongest during morning work hours, but begins to fade after hitting the 5 o’clock mark.  Avoid posting in the evenings in order to better reach users on Google+.

Creating content for your social media sites takes effort, so you want to maximize your audience for every tweet, picture or post.  Knowing what to post is only part of the solution to reaching your patients and potential patients—it’s also knowing when.

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