Promoting Your Social Media Presence

An important part of your practice’s social media success involves promoting your profiles. Don’t assume people are aware of your online presence. A promotion strategy for your practice’s social media will increase the visibility of your profiles and expand your reach.

Provide multiple ways for people to find your profiles. Here are a few examples:


If you send out a printed newsletter, add your social media icons to the footer or by the contact information. Electronic newsletters are a great way to announce your social media presence and continue to promote it in each edition. Remember, eNewsletters are often shared with others, making them a great place to get the word out about your profiles.

E-mail signature

Add social media logos with hyperlinks into your email signature. Encourage other staff to do the same. This is an effortless way to spread awareness of your practice’s social media presence.

Office staff

Encourage your office staff and providers to tell patients about your social media profiles. They are a trusted voice, so it’s important for them to support your social media efforts.

Print materials

Put up posters featuring your profiles in the waiting room, behind the front desk, in exam rooms, etc. You can also hand out flyers with your social media icons to patients at check-out so they have something to reference when they get in front of a computer.


Add links for your social media profiles to your website in the footer or with contact information. This is a great place to promote because people are already on the internet. Providing links on your website makes visiting your profiles easy and convenient.

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