Digital Dictionary: Widgets

Widget Definition

Widget:  It’s a fancy word you may or may not have discovered in your exploration of the social media world.

But don’t let the name fool you–widgets are more accessible and have more value for you than you might think.

Whenever you see a Twitter feed on the side of another blog or Website, a box with an “About Me” section or a sidebar with a list of users who follow a specific blog, these are known as widgets.


Widgets provide easy access to specific content and can be customized to display right on the main page of your blog or Website.  In addition to spicing up your site, widgets can help increase how users engage with you.

When potential patients visit your WordPress blog, for example, they can also see your practice interacting on Twitter and choose to follow you–without even visiting another site.  The more widgets you add to your site, the more your site becomes a “one-stop-shop” for information on how to connect with your practice.

WordPress offers 39 different widgets  from which you can choose to enhance to your blog.  Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate widgets into your digital toolbox:

To add a widget to your blog, select Widgets from your Appearances tab in your dashboard, then drag your desired widget to the sidebar.  You can then order your widgets based on how you want them to appear on your blog.  Follow the instructions on creating your widget, and then preview how your new addition looks on your site.

 How To Add

Have fun customizing your blog for your readers.  Enhancing your site gives users a reason to visit-and revisit-your site.  Widgets are just another way you can keep them coming back.


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