What Health Care Providers Need to Know about Millennials

They’re engaged, connected and taking over the digital world.

Millennials are going to the Web for more than just checking Facebook–and even health care providers should take note.

The Millennial population is on the rise, and according to a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group, they are expected to outnumber the Baby Boomer population by 22 million in 2030. 

With more than 60 percent of Millennials spending time rating products and services and uploading or viewing content via social media, it’s easy to see why businesses shouldn’t neglect these digital natives when implementing their marketing strategy.

HealthCare Communication News highlights an interview with a Millennial, who says she chooses her care providers through her health insurance network, but also relies more on her social network for input and less on physician referrals.

The Internet is her first source for health information.

Millennials feel their lives are richer when connected to others online–and they’re more likely than non-Millennials to read online reviews or research products or businesses before buying or visiting.  The Boston study also reports 33 percent of Millennials prefer brands or services with Facebook pages and mobile websites. 

That’s why it’s essential for health care providers to adopt a social media strategy and establish a multi-platform online presence.

For a Millennial, it could be the deciding factor in choosing your practice.





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