Physician Specific Content for your Facebook Page

As Course 200 participants begin working on their first content schedule, we learn there is a delicate balance between distributing information, and selling a product. We call this the 80/20 rule. Simply put, 80 percent of your content should directly inform, benefit and engage the patient, while the other 20 can be used toward promoting your practice.

Healthcare Communications News recently published an article about physician content marketing.  Here are some great ideas to help fill your Facebook page following the 80/20 rule, while encouraging your physicians to get involved in your newfound social media.

Practice changes: Patients should always be informed about anything new happening at the practice. This includes any new addition to the staff, if office hours change, holiday hours, unexpected closings, etc.

What your physician does: if you have a family physician who offers sport physicals for students, explain what they look for during a sport’s physical. If you offer travel medicine exams and immunizations, explain why these are important.

FAQs: If there are questions your physician and office staff receives time and time again, post the questions and answers to your Facebook page.

Health in the news: Your physician should be a source of truth for your patients. Address any new studies or health news that is relevant on your page. Ask your physician what their take is on current health news.

Health topics relevant to your patient base: Think about your patients and what most concerns them. What age patient does your practice normally treat? What conditions are most common in your office? Tailor your content to be useful for the majority of your patient base.

Importance of immunizations: There are a lot of varied opinions on immunizations. Ask your physician to help you create a post about the importance of vaccines.  Provide links to reputable web sites and credible information about immunizations.

Use these simple ideas to involve your physicians and patients in your practice’s Facebook page. Stick to the 80/20 rule to ensure you are offering your patients information they will be happy to receive from your page.

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