How to Talk to Your Physicians About an Online Presence

Time and time again we come across physicians who are incredibly resistant to having an online presence. This is where you come in. You’ve been through the program and you understand how to build and manage an online presence for your practice. Now it’s time to school your physicians on the importance of supporting your efforts. Here are some talking points for you to start with:

“There are already profiles for you online.”
  • Before you started Promote My Practice there were plenty of incorrect and incomplete profiles for your physicians floating around because, sites like Google+ and Vitals comb the web to automatically generate profiles from the information they find. Over 75% of the time, the information on these profiles is incorrect and incomplete.
  • The only profiles for individual physicians are on Vitals and Healthgrades. You have worked hard to make sure other sites have only one listing representing the whole practice, not an individual physician.
“Patients are already leaving reviews about you online.”
  • Some physicians are particularly concerned with having negative reviews online, but they may not know that there are a number of ways to combat a negative review. Most sites allow you to respond to reviews, which you now know how to appropriately do, and if there is a false review, you can contest it and have it removed. On Vitals, you can even hide up to two negative reviews. But by far the best way to combat negative reviews is to actively work to garner positive reviews.
  • Assure your physicians that you know the appropriate way to address any kind of patient review that might come up. You can also share our Reputation Management toolkit with your physician so they can gain a better understanding of how to approach online reviews.
“Our competitors are already online”
  • The more robust your online presence is, the more likely it is your practice will show up in search results. Most review sites have a section for suggested profiles similar to the one being viewed, so if a potential patient isn’t finding the right information on your physician’s profile, they are likely to move on to a competitor. You don’t want to be put up against a competitor with a less than satisfactory profile.
  • Sit down with your physician and search for your practice’s name on Google to see what comes up. Does your practice show up at the top of the results, or does a competitor? Your practice and all the profiles you’ve claimed should show up. This is a great way to show your physician what you’ve accomplished. If competitors show up in place of your practice, it means they have a stronger online presence and that work still needs to be done to boost yours.

The bottom line for your physician is that even if they don’t wish to have an online presence, they already do, so they might as well do something positive with it. You’ve made great strides towards building an online presence for your practice, but with your physician’s support and understanding, you can really take it to the next level.

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