How to Choose a Great Cover Photo

After setting up your Facebook page and adding all of the relevant information, it is time to choose a profile picture and a cover photo. The cover photo is the very first thing that will pop out to a patient when they are looking at your page. Use this prime real estate wisely and make sure you have an awesome cover photo.

If you are looking for some inspiration check out these three exceptional cover photos!

This cover photo is bright, colorful and features the practice’s physician. Some patients recognize the face of their physician faster than they recognize your practice’s name. Don’t work against it! Featuring your physician in your cover photo is a great way to pull in current patients and gives a face to your practice for potential ones. 



Displaying your location in your cover photo is another great idea. It lets people know exactly where they are going, and what they will see when they visit your practice. 



Be consistent! This cover photos pulls photos and taglines straight from the practice’s website. If a patient is familiar with your website, they will appreciate the constant branding through multiple platforms.


To read some general cover photo guidelines, follow this link

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