Foursquare: Why Doesn’t My Business Show Up In Search?

If your practice doesn’t show up in search results on Foursquare, it could be one of three things:

  1. Your practice’s venue listing may not be correctly added to the Foursquare database yet. Any user can create a listing for your practice, but that doesn’t mean it will be under the correct name. If the name isn’t quite right, your practice may not show up in search results. To add your venue, go here:
  2. Search using the search page—not Explore. The Explore feature of Foursquare is designed mainly as a recommendation engine, not a search tool. To be sure you have properly searched for your practice, go here:
  3. Venue search is not universal. You will only see venue listings in your area in search results. If your current location is not coming up correctly, you can change the search area. Input a city to search near on the page that returns your search results:


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