How to Begin Promote My Practice Successfully

A fresh round of Promote My Practice begins this Friday. After every round, our team discusses what was successful and what could use some tweaking. After seven rounds, the graduation rate of practices gets higher and higher. We are proud to say that everyone from our most recent round graduated from the program! If you are beginning the program this Friday take a look at some key things you can knock out in the beginning to ensure a successful 5 weeks.

  1. Attend every call. There is clear correlation in graduation rates between practices that attend and are engaged for the weekly training calls and those that are not. We go over a multitude of information that is not in the toolkits on the call. Our best advice would be close out your email, turn your phone off and absorb as much as you can during the calls. Paying attention now saves you a lot of time and heartache later.
  2. Fill out the physician profile information sheet.  This sheet is going to be your lifeline for at least 2 out of the 5 profiles you will be claiming. We give you this sheet within the first week of the program so that you can immediately hand it off to your doctors to fill out. Some of the information it asks for is their specialty, conditions treated, care philosophy, awards, education, etc.
  3. If possible work on the profiles right after the call. Starting on these profiles while it is fresh in your mind is so helpful. As previously stated we go over a lot of information on the training calls that will help you successfully establish these profiles.
  4. Use the toolkits as your best resource. The toolkits were designed to instruct practice managers step-by-step on how to claim these profiles. We update them regularly so they will always be accurate. Even if you are following the toolkit and something goes wrong, you will be able to tell your account manager the step in the toolkit that threw you off and we will be able to help. Our suggestion would be to print them out and keep them by your desk to remind yourself that you have great directions for every step in the program.
  5. Troubleshoot. Sometimes these sites will act funny. The first step to troubleshooting is to sit back, breathe and start over. Next, always make sure that when trying to access these sites you are using Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer you WILL have problems. Make sure you are typing in the correct login information and logout and log back in if you are having trouble updating information. Your account manager is always there to assist you, but sometimes you can fix the problem yourself just by doing some basic troubleshooting.

We are very excited to begin round 8 on Friday. Read these helpful tips and your practice will graduate from the program with no problems. If you have any questions about how to successfully navigate through Promote My Practice, please email Online Marketing Strategist


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