Special Guest Shares Social Media Tips

This week we had a special guest join the course 200 call to cover some of her best tips for managing social media once the program is over. Camdyn DePlonty, Practice Manager for Midwifery Group at Swedish, offered up some great advice. Here is a recap:

Content Creation
  • The key is to plan your content ahead of time and to get into a routine of posting.
  • Look up health observances for the month and even weeks when creating your content schedule. This will help narrow in what kind of content you could focus on.
  • Sign up for eNewsletters to receive content ideas automatically. Both medical news and local news can be beneficial eNeswetters to get.
  • If you don’t do much reading online, try cutting out articles you find in magazines and store them in a binder. Next time you’re looking for content ideas, you can save time by referencing the articles you’ve already found.
  • At staff meetings, talk about what kinds of things you will be posting online in the near future. If you keep it conversational, they will be more likely to share ideas rather than feel pressured to come up with killer content.
  • When soliciting content from physicians, give them at least a two month timeframe to get back to you. They will be much more likely to come through with solid content if they aren’t rushed.
  • Keep content fun! If you’re bored with it, others will be too.
Growing Your Audience
  • Proactively engage with affiliated hospitals online. They will more than likely have a larger following, which will help spread awareness of your practice’s page. Support them and they will support you.
  • Remember the power of virility. Pictures, videos and timely news are shared more often than posts without.
  • Schedule your posts to go out automatically if you are going to be out of the office or have a particularly busy day.
Monitoring Your Presence
  • Check your Facebook insights regularly to learn what’s working and what’s not. You can also see who your audience is, so you can determine if you are reaching the right people.
  • You will start to see a real impact from Facebook about two months after the program is over. So keep up the good work, it will pay off!

We really appreciate Camdyn taking the time to share these great tips! Check out her social media for more ideas and don’t forget to “like” her page.  FacebookTwitterBlog

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