How Often Should I Be Checking My Online Profiles?

The arguably most important step in creating and establishing your practice’s online profiles is simply keeping an eye on them after you graduate from the program. Practice Managers often think monitoring the profiles is a daily process and is going to push them over the edge with their workload.

The answer is sometimes surprising.

There is no need to check these profiles daily or even weekly. We suggest carving out 30 minutes a month to check up on these profiles. Below is an example of an online monthly profile check sheet we provide you. The profile check sheet suggests you pick a date when you will consistently check your profiles, such as the last Monday of the month. You can then record the number of reviews you find, as well as the sentiment of them, on the sheet.


To further simplify this process…check your Gmail account! If you check your Gmail once a week, you will always be up to speed. If a patient comments about your practice or physician on one of the sites, the profile will send a notification to your Gmail account. This way, you know you are addressing reviews, good or bad, in an efficient and timely manner.

Monitoring your profiles is also a great way to see what is working for your practice and what isn’t. If one of your sites is getting a considerable amount of traction over the others, think about why and try to apply that strategy to the other sites.

Remember, following up on your hard work is essential to your online success, and it doesn’t have to be time consuming!

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