Social Media Followers Needed

Half of the social media battle is jumping in feet first into creating and establishing the profiles, the other half is gaining a following that cares about what you are posting, tweeting or blogging. Gaining followers is much more difficult than signing up for Facebook, but it doesn’t have to be a total guessing game. Healthcare Communication News offers 5 foolproof ways to gain followers.

  1. Be Specific.  Using the correct keywords is essential in being found on social media. The tendency is to be vague and say you are a health/medical center or just doctor’s office, but people don’t just search for the word ‘doctor’. If they are looking for a cardiologist that performs TAVR heart surgery in their area, they will search using those keywords. By spelling out your specialties and the equipment that you offer, your practice will be set up to be found in the search results before a practice that doesn’t list specifics.
  2. Use the metrics to your advantage. Use Google analytics to see where traffic to your website is coming from. Knowing what social media sites most of your patients are on will make it easier for you to reach them.  
  3. Search Social Media. Social Media is designed so that you can see what people are saying about your business and products. Search for keywords related to your practice on social media sites and see what people might be saying about you and your competitors. Searching for these conversations will help you find potential patients.
  4. Be flexible to trends. There is not one way to do anything, and with social media the “right” way is often changing. Develop and adjust your list of keywords by monitoring your social media sites as well as keeping up-to-date with industry trends.
  5. Create content specific to your patients. Listen to what your patients want and give it to them. Your physician will be a great resource when creating content. They will be able to tell you what questions they get most often from patients, what new studies are out with findings that could potentially affect patients, etc. This content will attract your patients to follow your social media and keep them coming back for more.

Follow these steps to social media success! Interested in more information? Sign up for HCAPS Promote My Practice program by contacting


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