Practice-Specific Content: What is it?

If you are going through Promote My Practice, you know that the program strongly advocates posting content that is organic and specific to your practice. Posting general health information and news are great filler posts, but the, essence of your Facebook, Twitter or Blog should be reflective of the culture and personality of your individual practice. The following are some ideas to get the creative juice flowing.

  1. Meet and Greet. Patients want to feel as though they have a relationship with your practice. Introducing new and old faces on Facebook is a great way to give them an insider look at their physician and the office staff.  This can take shape through a brief biography or physician quick tip of the week. Also, whenever you hire someone new to the practice, your patients following your page will be in the loop before they ever make an appointment.                                                                                                   Image          
  2. Giving Back. There are so many opportunities for your practice to get involved in charity work. This may sound like a lot of trouble, but it can be as simple as asking your patients to donate money through your practice, and then posting about it on Facebook. For example, in February, the “Go Red For Women” campaign sponsored by the American Heart Association is a perfect opportunity to get involved. If patients donate a dollar to the campaign, you could put their names in the office. Set a goal and create a Facebook campaign around it.  
  3. Events. If your office ever has holiday parties, potlucks, game nights, etc., letting your patients in on the fun through Facebook will make them feel involved with your practice. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. An example of this would be putting up some Easter decorations, posting a picture in Facebook letting your audience know that your practice is gearing up for the holiday and then asking them what their favorite Easter recipe is, what their plans are etc.                                                        Image
  4. Community. Be a source of information! Don’t just let your patients know about general health tips, get them involved in the community in the process. If you are a Cardiology office, let your patients know about the next Heart Walk in your community. Some practice are affiliated with a health center that offers exercise classes, let your patients know what classes they are offering right now.                                                                                                Image  

For more content ideas contact, or to enroll in Promote My Practice, contact!


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